Manduca vs Ergobaby 360

Congratulations! The Manduca Classic and the Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 are two of the best baby carriers available in Australia right now so whichever one you choose you'll be really happy with your decision!

But which one is best for you, your child and your lifestyle? Let's take a closer look at both of these popular baby carriers...

Once you've decided which one is best for your needs you can purchase both baby carriers at We offer free shipping, great service and all the latest colours and styles. 

Reputation Awards and Ratings

The Manduca Classic Carrier is designed in Germany and is the only soft structured carrier endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. It is the most popular baby carrier available in Germany and has won numerous awards around the world. It has stood the test of time, is made from quality fabrics and continues to be a popular choice today. 

The Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 is a newer model (designed in the USA) from the respected baby brand 'Ergobaby' Ergobaby have been producing high-quality baby carriers for over 15 years, and have won many awards for their innovative designs and ergonomic carriers.

Customer Feedback

We have received five star reviews and no negative feedback about either of these carriers!


The Manduca carrier is significantly cheaper than the Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 (up to $100 cheaper on our website currently).


Both carriers are extremely well made, come with a full product warranty and have been built to last many years

Carrying Positions

The Manduca Classic carrier can be worn in 3 different positions (front-inward facing, or on the hip or back).The Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 provides 4 different carrying positions, which includes front-outward facing.

Baby Weight Limits and Infant Inserts

Both the Manduca and Ergobaby carriers can carry a baby from birth (approx 3.2kg) to 20kg without using an infant insert.

Comfort and Adjusting 

Both carriers have well-padded shoulder and waist straps, and both extend to 140cm. The Manduca straps can be worn cross strapped which some people may find more comfortable.

The Manduca shoulder straps also have 3 points of adjustment which allows you to adjust the carrier between different wearers large or small, and assists in adjusting it right, for both you and your growing baby, adding to the comfort level. Compared to the Ergobaby where there is just one point of adjustment. However, this is not a bad thing as it makes the Ergobaby carrier less fiddly in comparison. 

They are both ergonomically designed, and keep your baby in the Hip Healthy 'M' position.

The Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh version does provide additional benefits for our warm Australian climate. 


The Manduca Classic is made from 55% organic cotton canvas and 45% hemp with 100% organic cotton lining. Whereas, the Ergobaby standard carrier is made from 100% cotton canvas. 

Colours and Styles

Both carriers are available in a range of colours. The Ergobaby colours and the design in general is slightly more modern. The Manduca has a more 'engineered' looking and feel to it than the Ergobaby; something that you would expect from the Germans and comes in a range of styles.

We are happy that both companies offer contemporary colours which both partners would be happy to wear, rather than 'fashionable' prints that are out of fashion very quickly. 

Other Comparisons

Manduca’s pouch back support for the baby is adjustable from 35cm high when zipped up to 42cm high when unzipped, versus the Ergobaby Carrier which is fixed at 33cm high. The result is that as your baby gets bigger they are a little better supported in the back and neck in the Manduca.

Both carriers have inbuilt sleeping hoods to protect from the sun and weather, and these can be used for added support for your baby’s head when sleeping. The Ergobaby sleeping hood is larger than the Manduca’s.

Another difference is storage; the Ergobaby has a larger pocket able to carry multiple items like a large wallet, phone, keys, versus the Manduca’s slimline open pocket that can only hold a slim phone, or your bank cards.


In summary, the original Manduca Baby carrier and the ErgobabyOmni 360 carrier are both excellent and it really comes down to personal taste.

If you would like to purchase the most modern, stylish, innovative and flexible carrier then the Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 is the best choice. If you like a more classic design, then the high-quality and trusted Manduca carrier is a great option, and its around $100 cheaper too!

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Updated: 23rd September 2019