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Tips for you and bubs to stay comfy when using your Caboo

Posted by Melissa Luhrman on 24th Mar 2015

I received a phone call from a customer recently enquiring about buying a Manduca Baby Carrier when she had recently purchased a Close Caboo Baby Carrier.  I asked, "why do you need to buy another carrier?" and she replied that two people had made comments that made her doubt her decision. She was told by others that her "baby looked uncomfortable" and "that looks difficult". 

I asked if these two people had baby worn before and the answer was "no".  I then asked if her baby was uncomfortable or upset and her reply was "no".  I then asked "were you uncomfortable" and she said "yes a little". She felt like she was slouching. She then shared that she had only used the carrier a couple of times because of these comments.  Having encouraged her to give the carrier another try, I explained how to wear the Caboo and to make it comfy for both her and bubs, and that the Manduca will be great when her baby has outgrown the Caboo or when they are ready to back carry. 

My customer sent me a message a couple of days later and said "Just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to try the caboo again! You are right it's beautiful and keeps bub so close and snug! You gave me so much of your time - you could have just sold me something else but you instead helped us to enjoy what we have. Thank you for your kindness! From Camille and baby Emma Rose:-)"  

I thought it would be fitting to share some tips in picture format for any customers that start to doubt their decision of buying the wonderful Close Caboo baby carrier for their baby.  

Tip #1

Ensure the fixed cross of your carrier sits in the middle of your back.

Tip #2

Spread the fabric over both shoulders to distribute weight evenly.

Tip #3

Ensure your baby has free flowing air at all times.

Tip #4

Keep baby in view at all times.

Tip #5

Spread fabric out across baby's body, from the nape of the neck to right under their bottom.

Tip #6

Keep baby close enough to kiss.

Tip #7

Always bend at the knees.

Tip #8

Ensure your baby's legs are in a frog-legged or "m" shaped position.

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