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How to Boost Your Baby's Brain Development?

Posted by Melissa Luhrman on 27th Jul 2015

Manduca Baby Carrier - Dad washing up while carrying baby

I saw a clip from Channel 10, Studio 10 program today where Dr Kristy Goodwin an expert in early childhood development and a Manduca Ambassador, discussed infant brain development and benefits of parent-facing baby carriers

Using amazing new brain scanning technology, experts now know that a baby's Neurological system is working from 15 mins after a baby is born. Babies have the capabilities to copy movements and by the time a child is 3 years, 80% of their their brain architecture has been established.  There were 6 points discussed to assist in boosting your baby's brain development and it is so simple, using common sense and what our ancestors and ancient cultures have been doing for their whole existence.  

Point 1-  Put away the smart phones because 'babies need laps not apps'. There is actually a new term what some parents are doing to their children called 'Tech Neglect'. Babies so often see the tops of their parents heads these days not their face and expressions which they need to help them learn and develop.

Point 2 - 'Talk Parentese' which is talking to your child and pronouncing those words, the high pitched ways grandma and aunty do is fantastic for baby's verbal development. As our conversations are so often made by type, maybe pick up the phone instead of texting and baby can hear you at least talk and see expressions on your face and see how your mouth moves and they will start to copy sounds instead of just hearing the type of the keyboard. 

Point 3  - Remove distractions and use a parent-facing baby carrier, which allows your baby to have a serve and return approach from their parent. With your baby close, you can see your baby's cues and their expressions and baby can see yours, baby can watch what you do and can learn through being part of what you do in daily life.  Great parent-facing baby carriers are brands such as ManducaErgobabyHanaBobaHug-a-Bub,

Point 4 - Watch your language, babies copy everything, so if you do drop those words you shouldn't, they may come back at you one day.

Point 5 - More people in a baby's life the better and having that direct gaze and interaction with people is just so important.

Point 6 - Most importantly, lots of love and cuddles, your baby carrier or wrap is just such a perfect way to do this on the move.  

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If you would like to view the whole segment of Channel 10, Studio 10 segment please view below, it will only take you 6 minutes to watch