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Feel the Comfort and Freedom of Babywearing this Mother's Day

Posted by Melissa Luhrman on 2nd May 2014

Your first Mother's Day may be fast approaching and you might be asking yourself 'what is mother’s day going to mean to me? How am I going to enjoy this day? My hands are filled with my new babies, I am a little overwhelmed, I am tired, I can not get on top of the housework & I have not done my hair properly in a week. How life has changed!

Being a new mum is challenging. As much as it is an exciting time, it can also be a very anxious time. The joys and expectations of having a baby are being taken over by sleepless nights, breastfeeding, nappy changing, and holding your bubs. When are you going to enjoy sitting down to a meal again, have the time to exercise or catch up with friends for a coffee, work part-time from home, get out and about in the outdoors with your partner again? Yes you are, and yes new bubs will impact your life dramatically however there is good news, baby wearing can help you to get moving and get on with life again. Even better news it is beneficial to you and your bubs. Baby wearing is instinctual, has been done since life began and has many emotional and physical benefits too. 

baby carrier could be your best ever Mother’s Day gift and here is why…..

Enjoying some sightseeing in London
with 2 of my boys using an 
Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh
Enjoying a hike along the NSW coast
with my youngest bubs using my 
2 Mummas enjoying some time out
 with their bubs in an 
Ergobaby Omni 360
Being close with bubs using
Hana Wrap


Give yourself, your baby and your family the gift and baby wearing and enjoy a  whole range of benefits. Research has shown that baby wearing can help to create happier babies who cry less and who have less colic and reflux. It can also help babies fall asleep easier, and for longer which helps everyone especially mum!

Baby wearing is also good for you. It promotes the bond between you and your baby, and promotes confidence. It also helps to increase your breast milk supply and of course gives you a free hand to get jobs done around the house. 

In our experience baby carriers have also given mums and dads the chance to get out of the house more often, especially when there are other older children in the family because they are able to have their hands-free to look after them, push them on a bike or hold their hand.

There's a growing bank of research, academic studies and anecdotal evidence that keeps confirming what ancient cultures have known for centuries; that baby wearing is good for you and for your baby!

I hope this has convinced you to get baby wearing this Mother’s Day. If it has check out some options  on our websiteon our website and enjoy your Mother's Day with your family.