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Babywearing Got me Gardening

Posted by Melissa Luhrman on 9th Jun 2015

Babywearing using a Manduca and Gardening

My third son was a baby who loved to be outside and on the move; which is probably why he started walking at 9 months and was running before he turned one. It also meant he loved being outside.

The gardening thing started when I was wandering around the What's Cooking in the Garden Event in Redcliffe, with bubs in my  baby carrier, I got talking to the Moreton Shire Council staff about starting a vegetable garden and composting.

Getting started

I had some dead space out the back of the house that I thought would make a great vegetable bed. However, the tomato crop I was hoping for didn't go so well. Whereas, the herbs I planted in an old plastic pool grew quite well.

I was determined for the gardening thing to work and as I was told compost is the key therefore I started a compost by following this composting flyer. The compost took about 2 months to get started and it was just in time when we did some minor house renovations, therefore I had some spare timber. With a little help from husband I had my first vegetable bed made. To get ready for planting, I added hay, bags of natural soil and the compost I had created. Nearly two years later and lots of love and care this area is now a flourishing little vegetable patch.

So why am I sharing this story?

Life doesn’t have to stop with a baby. I set most of this up with my baby on my back and gardening did all sorts of good things for my well being too. As many mums know you have your ups and downs and being out in the garden made me feel good. It also made bubs happy as he always enjoyed being outside.

My son is now 2 and he’s always out in the garden and excited to help. He moves the pots around and pulls plants out that he shouldn't, and picks tomatoes while they are still green and loves the hose. My 2 older boys also get involved and have specific vegetables they look after and grow.

It feels great to be out in the sunshine, enjoying the day, while my family and I learn and experiment in the garden. Hopefully the gardening we do at home will help my children do it themselves in the future.

Take pride in the little things

Babies can be complex, it takes time to work out what they need, and vegetable gardens are no different. They need the right nutrients and nurturing to grow.

We reduce our household waste by composting all our vegetable scraps and mixing in organic hay, manure and some dirt every now and then.

Gardening has allowed us to grow tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, lettuce, rocket, thyme, basil, parsley, lemongrass, lemons, strawberries, sage, celery, spring onions, and pineapple. I am also attempting potatoes in a bag at the moment; the plant is growing beautiful, I’m not sure about the potato yet. Time will tell I suppose.

Seedlings pop up in the garden, so with no space to plant them, I've been potting them and giving away to friends.

If you have thought about it try it!

There is nothing better than going out to the garden and picking off fresh tomatoes, salad greens and herbs. If you have thought about gardening don't let a baby stop you, get yourself a  baby carrier, strap or wrap your bubs on and try it. 

If you want to talk to a Babywearing consultant or have a discussion with a novice, trying hard gardener please contact Melissa on