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Baby Carrying is for Men Too

Posted by James De Bond on 3rd Apr 2014

I know what you're thinking. I'm a man, I can carry the world, why would I need a baby carrier

The answer is that you probably don't. However, they do make life just a little bit easier. Tell me you don't want that?  Just carry a child in your arms for 30 minutes and no matter how strong you are, you will suffer some muscle fatigue, and will continually switch them from arm to arm.  You will also be restricted as to what you can do.               

I've been privileged to carry all 3 of my sons, the youngest in picture.   Whether on my back or front, it's great to feel close to your child and even better to still feel useful. Hands free!

There have been plenty of occasions when my boys have struggled to sleep as babies and toddlers, and moving them from arm to arm generally does not help them to settle. So I simply put them in the carrier, walk around for 5 minutes and the natural walking motion seems to do all the work. 

When in London I placed my sisters 18 month old daughter on my back who never likes being held, is a terrible sleeper, and in 5 minutes she was out for the count. 

Young children like being close to us,feeling our warmth and the sound of our heart beating. It reassures them. I'm not saying this will work for all babies, but it has in my experience. 

A baby carrier is also incredibly practical when at the shops and takes up no space in the boot. It also allows me to still throw my 3 or 5 year old on my shoulders when they get worn out,  and continue walking with ease and no muscle fatigue. That's exactly what happened when we walked home from the beach after taking the picture shown.

There are plenty of days when I do the whole bubs in arms thing, but if I'm honest, baby carrying is so much easier with a baby carrier.

As for my preferred baby carrier, I'm a big fan of the Manduca, it's so comfortable and flexible. There are lots of little straps, but each one can be tailored to make you and your child more comfortable. I'm also a big fan of the plain colours. My wife has another one which is floral and I simply refuse to wear it. So ladies, buy plain colours if you want your partner to share the baby carrying. 

(update 2019: I really like the new Ergobaby All Position Omni 360 with Air Mesh for our hot Australian climate. It also comes in plain colours and is simple and easy to use)

Carrying 2 of my boysStrolling around Stratford Upon
Avon in England.
My wife and I travelled England
& France for 4 weeks with a 1 & 3
 year old at the time with just two 
baby carriers.
Carrying my youngest boy while
checking out  the Brisbane Botanical
Carrying my eldest boy