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Baby Wearing


Baby wearing means carrying or holding a baby or young child by wearing a baby carrier. Baby wearing has been used for as long as we have existed. It has been done in many different ways in many different cultures. Learning from the ancient ways and through research, we now have a variety of commercial baby carriers, slings and wraps that are available to us.

Baby Wearing promotes:

A Happy Baby - Happy babies thrive through touch and in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that baby wearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43%.

A Sleeping Baby - Baby wearing assists babies to fall asleep easily and longer which allows for a less stressed parent or caregiver.

A Healthy Baby - Baby wearing reduces colic and reflux which aids in digestion, assists in stimulating the baby's vestibular System (balance organs), assists in developing the babies muscles for their developmental stages such as sitting, assists with cognitive development as the baby experiences the world through participating in it by seeing and experiencing the world in a quiet and alert state which is an ideal state for learning.

A Confident Mother - Baby wearing promotes bonding between mother and baby and assists in giving the mother the ability to be able to read their babies cues if they are hungry, tired, wet as they are so close to them. The interaction between mother and baby satisfies the babies need for human interaction and lessens the chance of mother suffering from depression.

A Healthy Mother - Baby wearing assists in increase breast milk supply being close to baby, allows the parent to develop muscular strength to hold the child as baby grows, allows mother to keep moving therefore exercising without noticing.

A Freehand - Baby wearing allows the caregiver to look after older children easily, carry on with every day chores, able to make yourself lunch, be out and about without a stroller, manouever through crowds easily and exercise without lugging around a stroller.

A Bonding tool - Baby wearing allows the father, grandparents, or any other caregivers the opportunity to be close to the baby and create a bond. It allows the baby to get use to other people through hearing their voices, listening to a different heart beats, movement and facial expressions.

Source: Babywearing, The vital touch: How Intimate contact with your baby leads to Happier, Healthier Development by Sharon Heller