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About Bubcarrier

An essential item for every mum, dad and carer with a new born or young child is a baby carriersling or wrap. They have so many uses such as going shopping, perfect for travelling, a leisurely stroll, settling your baby, feeding your child, freeing your hands to do household chores, or running after your other children when your baby wants to be close to you.

Who we are?

I am Melissa Luhrman, a mum with three young boys and I remember my experience when trying to choose a baby carrier and sling for my first child. I found it really hard to work out which one to buy as I was going from one site to another and I didn't make good decisions at first. Knowing instinctively I just wanted to carry my child and I was determined to find better options than the ones I first chose. After this experience it motivated me to develop an online shop that stocks the best baby carriers, slings and wraps on the market. We have chosen products that have been 4-5 star rated by mums, dads and caregivers on independent sites. We hope to have as much information as possible on our site to assist you in making the best informed decision when making your purchase.

I have worn all 3 of my boys, I have completed Baby Wearing Consultant Course - Stage 1 with the Die Trageschule (German Baby Wearing School) and also Manduca Trained Consultant.  I have attended the Australian Babywearing Conferences to develop my skills and knowledge.

We are here to help you choose the baby carrier which is right for you and your family and to help you use it, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance to assist you and your family in choosing the right baby carrier for you and your family.  Ph. 07 3885 2051 or 0438 195 669 email.



'Keeping you and bub close and comfy' and to assist mum, dads and caregivers in choosing the right baby carriersling or wrap for them.


Passionate - We are passionate about providing a one stop shop with quality baby carriers, slings, and wraps. We want to continually grow our store with a wide range of baby carriers, slings and wraps and to extend the store with selling some essential items for when carrying your baby and when out and about.

Informative- To provide an informative site with as much information as possible to assist mums, dads and carers to choose the best baby carrier, sling or wrap to suit their needs. We also provide a post buying service to assist you in using your baby carrier, sling or wrap.

Reliable - We will post your purchase within 1-2 business days, and provide reliable and up to date information as possible. We will respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

Privacy & Secure - We strive to provide the most secure site as possible to protect your privacy. You can pay safely and securely with Mastercard, Visa, direct deposit or over the phone knowing that your purchase is covered by Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy.

Charity - We support many charities including Royal Children's Hospital, World Vision, and Prostate Cancer Foundation.