Manduca or Ergobaby

Compare Manduca and Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier  


So you are looking at two of the best baby carriers available, and wondering what makes them different and which will be the best one for you.

Both carriers are highly rated; Manduca is designed in Germany and is the only soft structured carrier endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association and the Ergobaby designed in the USA and has won numerous awards for being a fabulous baby carrier too; they can both be worn on the front, hip and back, and are machine washable. So that doesn’t help you much.

The first difference is that even though both carriers can carry a baby from birth to 20 kgs, the Ergobaby carrier requires an additional infant insert to be purchased for babies less than 5.5kg, whereas the Manduca has one built in insert which can be used from 3.5kgs. However, it’s not as soft and cosy as the Ergobaby’s however is less bulky. Note: Ergobaby now have an Adapt Baby Carrier which is a 3 position baby carrier and you do NOT need an infant insert.

Both carriers have well-padded shoulder and waist straps, and both extend to 140cm. The Manduca straps can be worn cross strapped which some people may find more comfortable.

The Manduca shoulder straps also have 3 points of adjustment which allows you to adjust the carrier between different wearers large or small, and assists in adjusting it right, for both you and your growing baby, adding to the comfort level. Compared to the Ergobaby where there is just one point of adjustment. However, this is not a bad thing as it makes the Ergobaby carrier less fiddly in comparison. 

The Manduca appears more engineered looking than the Ergobaby; something that you would expect from the Germans. It is made from 55% organic cotton canvas and 45% hemp with 100% organic cotton lining. Whereas, the Ergobaby standard carrier is made from 100% cotton canvas. 

A significant difference is that the Manduca’s pouch back support for the baby is adjustable from 35cm high when zipped up to 42cm high when unzipped, versus the Ergobaby Carrier which is fixed at 33cm high. The result is that as your baby gets bigger they are a little better supported in the back and neck in the Manduca. However, both carriers have inbuilt sleeping hoods to protect from the sun and weather, and these can be used for added support for your baby’s head when sleeping. The Ergobaby sleeping hood is larger than the Manduca’s.

Another difference is storage; the Ergobaby has a larger securable pocket able to carry multiple items like a large wallet, phone, keys, versus the Manduca’s slimline open pocket that can only hold a slim phone, or your bank cards.

In summary, the original Manduca Baby carrier and Ergobaby carriers are both excellent and it really comes down to personal taste. The Manduca is the more complete purchase for all sizes, but can seem fiddley at first. The Ergobaby Carrier may require you to buy an infant insert, but is a slightly simpler to use if you plan to switch regularly between users. Bubcarrier highly rates both carriers.  If you would like to discuss the baby carriers further please contact Melissa Luhrman at Bubcarrier on 07 3283 8141 or

Date written: Updated July 2013, by Melissa Luhrman, Bubcarrier