Manduca Classic Baby Carrier - Black

Manduca Classic Baby Carrier - Black


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  • Product Description

    Manduca Classic Baby Carrier - Black

    Manduca Classic Baby Carrier is made from 100% organic cotton on the inside of carrier where baby sits, 45% organic cotton and 55% Hemp on the outside.   The Manduca is designed to be used from Newborn 3.5kg all the way up to pre-schoolers 20kg.  Manducas are designed in Germany and have won the German Design Award for 2016.  The Manduca Baby carrier has a unique design which keeps your bub in a natural ‘M’ position, where the baby’s bottom is lower than the knees. The Manduca Classic Baby carrier  is very versatile as you can use it in 3 positions on the front, hip and back. The Manduca has a unique extendable back for baby, an insert for newborns built into the carrier and  is one of the most comfortable baby carriers on the market, as it has great padded lumbar and shoulder support.  It is a perfect baby carrier suitable for both male and female carers.  As there are many ways of wearing this baby carrier it can take a little to get use to where the straps need to go, however when you get used to it you will find out why it is Germany’s No. 1 baby carrier. The Manduca Baby Carrier has been rated  4.5 - 5 stars by users on independent review sites as well as on our own Manduca Baby Carrier page. 

    Material - 100% organic cotton inside and 45% organic cotton/55% Hemp outside

    Age/Weight - Newborn 3.5kg to 20kg

    Size - One size fits most, suitable for all carers male & female

    Awards & Recommendations – Germany’s #1 organic baby carrier, Endorsed by Australian Breastfeeding Association,  Australian Physiotherapy Association and Reflux Infant support Association, Mother & Baby Finalist 2014, Best Buy – Mother & Baby Magazine April/May 2010 (when tested against other leading carriers and slings.), German Design Award - Special 2016. 

    Features of the Manduca Baby Carrier

    • Orthopedically ideal for baby’s hip development – baby’s knees are higher than their bottom - M position

    • Broad sitting base for baby while supporting thighs

    • Built in newborn insert

    • Baby’s back and neck are supported by an extendable back support, get 4 different seat positions/heights

    • Headrest and sunshade for baby

    • Can carry baby on front, hip and back

    • Upholstered buckles and zippers and snap-fasteners are all nickel-free

    • Hip belt is secure with a special three-point-buckle that only can be opened by the help of two hands or three fingers

    • The shoulder straps can be worn crossed over at the back 

    • Suitable for long wearing

    • Easily adjusted to fit the wearer, has extra long hip strap

    • 3 year warranty
    • Machine washable with mild detergent

    Designed in Germany by Wickelkinder GmbH

    Teething Pads - Fumbees

    If your little bubs is a little drooler and chomping on anything they can find you may want to consider some Teething Pads there are some that are specifically designed for the Manduca Baby Carrier called Fumbees which are made from beautiful soft Organic Cotton and are reversible. 

    Size It

    Some wearers may find that when baby is 3-4 months you may find that you baby is getting too big for the insert and too small without the insert, it is recommended that you can use a Size-It to reduce the pouch size until baby is big enough to sit in the pouch in a comfortable 'M' Position. 

    Additional Babywearing Information

    Benefits of Baby Wearing

    TICKS Rules to Safe Babywearing

    Safety when wearing a carrier or sling?

    Blog - Manduca Baby Carrier - Great all Rounder

    To view other Manduca Baby Carriers

    Instructional video can be viewed in the 'Product Video' Tab under the product image

    Please read manufacturers instructions before using any baby carrier.

    If you require any further information or assistance in choosing a baby carrier please contact our trained Babywearing Consultant

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    3 Year Warranty

    •  To qualify for the 3 year warranty you will need to register your manduca at and retain your receipt as proof of purchase for the 3 year warranty period
    • Selling on the Manduca: new owners need the proof of purchase (for the warranty to carry over) from the original owner   
    Review of Manduca by Bubcarrier

    The Manduca Baby Carrier is one of the most comfortable baby carriers that I have used. What I like about this baby carrier is that the waist and shoulder straps are well padded and feels very comfortable the moment you put it on. The carrier has a canopy for sun protection and to hide babies head away when they fall asleep. Today my 6 month boy fell asleep in it for nearly two hours, I was very comfortable and he was too. I sat at my computer while he was in the Manduca and it made me sit up straight which was a bonus as I have a tendency to slouch. The other plus is if baby does falls asleep you can get them out of the carrier easily to lay them down. I like that you can wear the Manduca on your front, hip and back, which makes it very versatile. It is very well made and the material is durable and will wear well. The baby carrier is very much gender neutral therefore my husband and I can share the baby carrier, as he can’t stand wearing any baby carrier that looks a little girly. There are a few straps to adjust which can be a little fiddly, however all worth the effort once you have it right. The top back strap is a little hard to reach to do up but very minor annoyance. The key is to get the straps at the correct lengths and position and when front wearing, have your baby high enough that you can kiss their head. I can understand why this carrier is a top seller in Germany it’s excellent!

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    1. Excellent for newborn to toddler

      We brought the manduca in olive when our now 2.5 yo was a newborn. It has been a god send. It's given us the freedom to travel with hands free & bub/toddler can sleep when out & about. The colour means hubby wears it happily & because it's totally adjustable any size person can wear it. We highly recommend it!!! on 2nd Sep 2014

    2. Easy to use, versatile carrier

      Love it! Baby seems comfy, but doesn't sleep in it like he does in a woven wrap. However, the Manduca is faster and the hubby is happy to wear it so I would recommend it for sure! on 16th Dec 2013

    3. Excellent for tall toddlers

      Very comfortable and the extended panel is excellent for taller toddlers. on 9th Dec 2013

    4. The Best Bub Carrier

      Absoutely love my manduca carrier & so does bub! Only wish i had known about this wonderful product when i had fallen pregnant with the 1st baby! This is our 3rd and final baby and we are getting the most we can out of it! It's comfortable to wear and baby feels supported and settles straight away in it! I also love the fact its not complicated to use :) THANK YOU on 26th Jul 2012

    5. Best carrier

      I have tried a few popular brand carriers and Manduca is the best of all.It can be use front and back easily.I can do all my housework as usual and with the baby sleeping on my back for at least 2 hours without screaming.I really regret not knowing this brand earlier.It's definately worth every cent. on 1st Mar 2012

    6. Excellent carrier

      I love the Manduca carrier. At first I wasn't impressed as it was uncomnfotable and bub felt heavy; upon advice received I played around with the straps (I now wear it crossed over at the back) and it is wonderful. I get no back pain, bub is super comfortable and sleeps for hours and I am completely hands free. Highly recommended. on 28th Aug 2011

    7. A lifesaver!

      We LOVE the Manduca Carrier! When our baby was born we started out with a Baby Bjorn. Although it was good at the time, our baby soon got too heavy and uncomfortable for us to use it.
      We thought our 10kg 12months old would really love being on my back so after being recommended by a friend, we bought the Manduca.
      IT's FABULOUS! My toddler enjoys being close to me and up high where all the action is and it doesn't hurt my back. Even his daddy and grandma have used it.
      I can't wait to use it for our next baby and as it comes with the inbuilt infant carrier, I don't need to worry about any other attachments.
      THANK YOU!!
      on 20th Aug 2011

    8. Awesome Carrier

      I have become a baby carrier/wrap/sling addict. We love the Manduca as our structured carrier. Its comfortable and really easy to use. We just traveled to Thailand and it was awesome on the plane for easy on/off access and for long walks once we got there. Bub also sits close to you, so comfy for a snooze. I now use it daily on 19th Aug 2011

    9. Great Carrier

      We've tried a few carriers, but none have proven to be as comfortable as this one.

      It also comes in nice plain colours which is a great advantage as the last carrier we had had big flowers all over it, which is not a great look for a dad.
      on 2nd Aug 2011

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