What is New about the Ergobaby 360 Bundles?

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Ergobaby Four Position 360 Bundle - Includes Baby Carrier and Easy Snug Infant Insert

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Bundles are one of the most popular carrier choices as you receive the Ergobaby Carrier

and the now the new Easy Snug Infant Insert.  The Ergobaby Bundles are the perfect Baby gift idea or best baby shower gifts you can buy any new mum.  Ergobaby have redesigned the Infant Insert to now attach to the Ergobaby carrier, it is lighter and the infant insert has been designed into a more fan like shape, which allows for more air flow for the newborn baby.  Attaching the Easy Snug Infant Insert to the Ergobaby Carrier by some adjustable clips also allow for ease of use as you can now place baby in the carrier while standing while before it was recommended to do in a seating position.

If I was a newborn I think I would be pretty comfy, as the carer can kiss my head, I can snug into my carer's chest while still keeping my airways clear, there is good head, neck and spine support which allows baby to stay in their normal seating position with a slightly arching back and legs in a 'M' position. 

I think Ergobaby have done a good job in redesigning the Infant Insert into the new Easy Snug style you can buy it with a Ergobaby 360 Bundle which includes the Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier in your choice of Black or Grey, or separately in the Cotton Easy Snug Infant Insert or Cool Air Mesh design.

If you require any assistance when choosing the right baby carrier for you please contact our baby wearing consultant.

Watch the Youtube video on how to use the New Ergobaby Easy Snug Infant Insert