The Dad-Friendly Adapt Carrier

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Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Daddy StyleThe Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier is the perfect gift for father's day as it will not just give dad a new baby carrier it will also give him the best gift as the Adapt will give Dad the ability to be close to his child and develop a close bond, baby will feel and hear their daddy's heart beat, hear his voice and learn from him being so close.  

The 4 main dad-friendly features of the Adapt Baby Carrier are:

1. SIMPLE. With no Infant Insert required like all other Ergobaby Carrier, which makes it very easy and quick for dads to figure out.

2. COOL. Without an Infant Insert, the single layer of the carrier means less bulk and maximum airflow

3. CINCH to adjust. Dads don't have to stretch underneath their muscly armpits to adjust shoulder straps anymore. The buckles have been moved to the front of the carrier within easy reach.

4. LOOKS GOOD!  Grey - Gender neutral, utilitarian monochrome colour that dads like (not too ‘girly’). 

Baby wearing is becoming very popular with men and it seems mummas are liking this too, Jessica Hughes from Happily Hughes even said this about her husband “I would marry Jason all over again solely based on how adorable he looks wearing our children. That being said, he’s pretty picky about his baby carriers. He doesn’t want a “girly” one, and it HAS to be comfortable. The Ergobaby ADAPT Carrier meets all of his requirements and more .”  This is husband in the picture to the right.

The Adapt baby carrier can be worn in 3 positions the front inward facing position, hip and back. The adapt baby carrier includes cushioned head and neck support which adjust through different ages and stages of development and the ergonomic bucket seat which graduates through three positions to ensure optimal support at all stages while also maintaining the M-shape leg position which is recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The Adapt baby carrier has a newly designed waistband with double adjustment and extra lumbar support for long wearing comfort. The Adapt Carrier also features padded shoulder straps with easy-to-reach adjust-ability and the option to criss-cross at the back. These additions makes this baby carrier very comfortable and offer more fitting options for parents of all sizes.

The Three Position Adapt Carrier is a complete integrated solution for your baby’s journey from newborn to toddler up to 20kg so this father's day gift he will be using for a long time.

And it looks like celebrity daddy's are getting in on the action too with John Legend posting this pic on his Instagram page, looking so effortless carrying his baby around. 

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If you would like to discuss Baby Carrier options please contact our Babywearing consultant and always follow the TICKS Rules of Safe Baby Wearing when using a baby carrier.