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Bubcarrier stocks 4 of the top 6 Baby Carriers!

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Boba 4G Baby Carrier

The UK Babywearing Consultants and sling librarians did a survey on their favourite baby carriers and when I was reading what the United Kingdom love I was very happy to see that the baby carriers that we stock were at the top of their list.

Manduca - 2nd

Boba 4G - 3rd

Ergobaby - 5th

Close - 6th

The UK Sling Libraries and the Baby Wearing Consultants voted which carriers were the most popular. There were 33 carriers on the list the carriers which were all soft structured carriers and any baby carrier that had 'carrier' in its title.   All the Carriers that were listed in the top 10 were ergonomic and followed the T.I.C.K.S Rules for Safe Babywearing.  

The survey was accepting responses for 18 days and advertised in UK Sling Libraries and Babywearing Consultants UK Facebook groups, and promoted by the UK Sling Libraries Network on Facebook and Twitter. There were 28 submissions. Each library or consultant was asked to provide their top ten carriers from the list of 33 given, or submit own entry, if not listed. The top 10 carriers accounted for 182 of the 244 total different slings submitted. You can read further details of the Most popular carriers survey – UK Sling Libraries and Consultants 2014