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Feel the Comfort and Freedom of Babywearing this Mother's Day

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Your first Mother's Day may be fast approaching. What is Mother’s day going to mean to me? Am I going to enjoy this day, my hands are filled with my new bubs, I am a little overwhelmed, I am tired, I can not get on top of the housework, I have not done my hair properly in a week, how life has changed.

Being a new mum as much as it is an exciting time, it can also be a very anxious time. The joys and expectations of having a baby are being taken over by sleepless nights, breastfeeding, nappy changing, and holding your bubs. Are you going to enjoy sitting down to a meal again, have time to exercise, catch up with friends for a coffee, work part-time from home, get out and about in the outdoors with your partner again? Yes you are, and yes new bubs will impact your life dramatically however there is good news, babywearing can help you to get moving and get on with life again. Even better news it is beneficial to you and your bubs. Baby wearing is instinctual, has been done since life began and has many emotional and physical benefits too. A baby carrier could be your best ever Mother’s Day gift and here is why…..

Enjoying some sightseeing in London
with 2 of my boys using an 
Enjoying a hike along the NSW coast
with my youngest bubs using my
2 Mummas enjoying some time out
 with their bubs in an 
Being close with bubs using
Hana Wrap


A Confident Mother - Baby wearing promotes bonding between you and your baby and assists in giving you the ability to be able to read your babies cues if they are hungry, tired, wet as you are so close to them. Babywearing offers skin to skin contact which stimulates levels of the mothering hormone Prolactin which increases your desire to hold and nurture your baby.The interaction between you and your baby satisfies the need for human interaction and lessens the chance of mother suffering from depression.

A Healthy Mother - Baby wearing assists in increased breast milk supply as you are being close to your baby, allows you to develop muscular strength to hold your child as your baby grows, allows you to keep moving therefore exercising without noticing.

A Healthy Baby - Baby wearing reduces colic and reflux which aids in digestion, assists in stimulating your baby's vestibular System (balance organs), assists in developing your babies muscles for their developmental stages such as sitting, assists with cognitive development as the baby experiences the world through participating in it, by seeing and experiencing the world in a quiet and alert state which is an ideal state for learning.

A Happy Baby - Happy babies thrive through touch and in the journal Paediatrics, researchers found that baby wearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43%.

A Sleeping Baby - Baby wearing assists your baby to fall asleep easily and longer which allows for a less stressed parent or caregiver.

A Freehand- Baby wearing gives you freedom, to carry on with every day chores, you can make yourself lunch, get the house clean, gets you out and about without a stroller, manoeuvre through crowds easily and exercise without lugging around a stroller.

A Bonding tool - Baby wearing allows you, your bubs father, grandparents, or any other caregiver the opportunity to be close to your baby and create a bond. It allows your baby to get use to other people through hearing their voices, listening to a different heart beats, movement and facial expressions.

Hope this has convinced you to get Baby wearing this Mother’s Day if it has check out some options at Bubcarrier, Enjoy your Mother's Day with your family.

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