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Why the Caboo NCT is a great for newborns and in the summer months?

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Close Caboo NCT Baby Carrier

Close Caboo NCT Baby Carrier is the direct result of NCT (the UK’s largest Charity for Parents) and Close working together, inspired by the shared desire to make easy, intuitive, soft carrying accessible to every new parent. One of the few carriers that can be used from day one, including premature babies (2.3 kgs+). It is perfectly designed to provide the very best carrying experience from birth to independence, offering parents an affordable way to nurture and care for their baby with all the freedom of being hands free.

Caboo NCT combines some new materials and subtle design changes to deliver a flexible 'light' version of the tried and trusted Caboo+ organic carrier - well-loved for its ease and attention to baby's posture. The end result is a high quality carrier that makes choosing to carry that bit easier on the pocket! Its active yet understated gender neutral looks make Caboo NCT equally accessible for both Mum and Dad.

The Caboo NCT is available in GreystoneFaded Denim and Stormy Sea

Main features:

  • New wider stretchier straps distribute weight evenly and provide excellent head support for baby
  • Padded cross section sits over the shoulder for a comfortable carry
  • Soft wide straps distribute weight comfortably over both shoulders
  • Easy adjustment pull fabric through rings for the perfect fit, no tying
  • Multiple hands-free front positions, including discreet seating breast feeding support
  • Secure straps support your baby from the top of their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support
  • Easy to use hip position for older babies
  • Less fabric for a lighter cooler carrying experience 
  • Comfortable padded back panel
  • New rounded strap ends on hammock and wrap
  • Recommended ‘frog legged’ carry position for developing hips and spine
  • Use from birth, 2.3 kg (5 lbs) and upwards
  • Complies with TR16512 and the T.I.C.K.S. for safe carrying

Bubcarrier recommends the Caboo NCT to new parents wishing to make the most of carrying in those first months when it is essential to carry your baby, it is easy to use which is so essential when you are a first time parent, practical, affordable carrier that doesn't break the bank, yet is comfortable to wear and will support baby in the correct ergonomic position. The Caboo NCT offers a breastfeeding position, but due to the maximum shoulder strap width, this position should only be used while feeding and not as a cradle position. The Caboo NCT is an excellent choice for very warm climates with its light weight design so you can get out and about with your baby easily and comfortably.