Manduca ExTend - Add comfort for your toddler!

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Manduca ExTend allows you to extend the width of your Manduca baby carrier from 32 cm up to 50 cm which allows you to carry older babies and children in the Manduca comfortably for even longer.  The Manduca has always grown in height with your child and now it can also grow in width. We found we carried our toddlers alot especially when travelling, out bush walking or at a crowded event it gave them security and a rest when out and about.  It was much more comfortable than carrying them in our arms.  The Manduca offers all the necessary features to make this possible. Thanks to the patented back extension, the Manduca grows with your child while providing the necessary support to both small and older children. The Manduca ExTend expands the manduca width-wise, also supports longer thighs, and thus makes it more comfortable. If you want to carry your older children in the manduca more often, then you will be able to offer them maximum comfort. 

manduca ExTend

How to place Manduca Extend onto the Manduca Baby Carrier

The manduca ExTend is a fabric insert made from cotton jersey which you can easily fasten to the inside of the manduca – with just two push buttons on the Manduca shoulder straps and on the Manduca hip strap. The ExTend can flexibly be adjusted to the correct size of the child and facilitates an extension in two stages: from its initial width of 32 cm to a maximum width of 50 cm. And this is how it is attached:

First, lay the ExTend out on the inside of the Manduca – with the big loops at the bottom. Tip: the ExTend is in the correct position when the red Manduca label is not visible (as in illustration 1).

manduca ExTend Illustration

manduca ExTend Illustration - instruction

Thread both ends of the hip belt through the drawstrings (big loops, illustration 2). Depending on how much you want to extend the Manduca seat, you can choose from two different drawstrings:

  • • With the small, grey loop you can extend the seat by 2.5 cm on both sides (making a total of 5 cm) Tip: this is the smaller opening, with the care label (this is only on one side, of course)
  • • With the big black loop you can extend the seat by up to 9 cm on both sides (making a total of 18 cm)

Now the ExTend is fastened to the hip belt.

At the top, you can button the ExTend on to the shoulder straps. The strips can be attached from the outside. Tip: When the seat is extended to the maximum width, it might be more comfortable for your child if the strips are attached to the shoulder straps from the inside. Give it a try!

manduca ExTend Illustration - instruction

Now you can put your child in the carrier. The ExTend is fastened, the seat is extended, and your child is comfortably positioned in the manduca. The toddler carrier is ready!

Manduca ExTend at a glance:

  • For babies and children from approx. 18 months
  • Extends the seat of the Manduca (special feature: in two steps from 32 cm up to 50 cm)
  • Suitable for all Manduca baby carriers
  • Material: 100% cotton (organic)
  • Made in Czech Republic

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