Manduca Bay Carrier - Great All Rounder

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Manduca Baby Carrier

The manduca® Baby Carrier is designed in Germany with it's great design there comes great features also.

The manduca® represents great value and this is why:

  • The standard manduca® 100% organic cotton lining 
  • Built-in infant insert for newborns – no other items required
  • Complete carrier suited for newborns and can carry a toddler up to 20 kg
  • More adjust-ability than any other carrier including extra-long straps and patented zip expansion panel which is excellent for sleeping babies and extra head and neck support for baby
  • The option to cross the shoulder straps can add extra comfort for some people, petite users may find this a good option and when carrying a very young baby.

Manduca Baby Carrier using cross strap       Manduca Baby Carrier showing cross strap   Manduca Baby Carrier showing back strap

  • Has a good lumbar support with a padded waist belt
  • Soft breathable organic cotton feels nice to wear
  • You can wear the manduca® in 3 positions front inward facing, hip and back
  • Can breastfeed using the carrier 
  • manduca® is always comfortable and has a couple adjustment points on the shoulder straps to make it easy to djust to fit all users.
  • It is the only baby carrier endorsed by Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Has a 3 year guarantee and replaceable parts
  • Machine washable
  • manduca® is also endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association and Reflux Infant Support Association.

The manduca® is truely a great carrier that I found easy to use, first choice for my husband and what I loved about it is that I could be carrying my newborn baby and when bubs was put down you could easily adjust it to carry your tired toddler or who just wanted a close cuddle too. manduca® is an excellent carrier for quality, features and price that is why I call it a great all rounder!

Manduca Endorsed by the Australian Pysiotherapy Association   Manduca Endorsed by the Relux Assocition     Manduca Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association        Manduca Certified Bubcarrier Trained Stockist