How to enjoy baby wearing in warmer climates

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In warmer climates you can still enjoy wearing your baby. Follow these simple tips for baby wearing to help keep you and baby cool so you can continue to enjoy adventures together.

Dress your baby appropriately Consider the Baby Carrier as a layer of clothing. Therefore dress your baby in lighter and fewer layers to keep cool. For example, if you would normally dress baby in a t-shirt and pants, dress down to a singlet and nappy while baby wearing.
Your body will help regulate their temperature

In summer, a mother’s chest will naturally cool down to help cool baby and the reverse is true in winter. Baby wearing – just the way nature intended!
Absorb excess Moisture Placing a small square of muslin between you and baby can help absorb any moisture without losing the benefit of skin to skin contact.
Keep Baby’s Head Exposed (When not in sun) When sun protection is not required, ensure your baby’s head is uncovered. This allows baby’s head to be fully exposed to airflow which helps further regulate temperature.
Great carriers for warmer climates

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