Bubcarrier's War on Waste

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War on WasteAU is a bit of topic of conversation this morning after it was aired again on ABC last night.  Waste has concerned me for a long while since starting Bubcarrier 6 years ago.  We are a small business and I know how many plastic mail bags and bubble wrap that we were using and it disturbed me to think what the large on-line players plastic waste would look like. 

I am so conscious in our home we compost all our food scraps, we grow some vegetables and have joined a local organic food co-op with another 20 families to buy most of our fruit and vegetables.  This change has reduced our plastic waste in our house by quite a lot as it is all bought in bulk directly from the markets and also reduced the cost of our food and bonus it is organic.  We recycle everything that we can, we recycle all our soft plastics at Coles in the REDcycle program from bread bags, pasta packets, muesli bar wrappers, toy packaging.  

At Bubcarrier we are also now trying to assist with this war on waste, the 3 x 50 metre roll of bubble wrap that we would have once used is now replaced by a small box with Geami WrapPak. The Geami WrapPak which is made from sustain-ably sourced brown-patented die cut Kraft paper.  This package 

Geami WrapPak

wrapping has some benefits compared to the bubble wrap that we once used, firstly it is a nice small compact box, it is recyclable and can be composted, and 100% biodegradable , we have reduced our carbon footprint and space we need to store the packaging.  We don't need to use sticky tape either as the wrap doesn't require it.   We use recycled paper for our packing slips, our mail bags are made from recycled plastic, and the plastic strip that comes off the mail bags are recycled with our plastic bags at Coles in the Redcycle program.  

I find our products that we sell are not over packaged in over sized boxes and there are generally no inner plastic bags which I am quite pleased about.  We encourage all our customers to recycle their mail bags with their soft plastics, please cut off the mailing label first and recycle the boxes in their recycling bins. If we all do our small part our future earth and animals might be in a better place for our children to enjoy if we start acting now.  .

Header Photo Source: REDcycle

Photo 2 Source: Office works

Phote 3 Source: http://www.tippecanoewaste.org/guide/bubble-wrap/