Be Hands Free this Mother's Day!

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Babywearing this Mother's Day

Any mum would be able to tell you a story about a time when she wished she had more hands! Babywearing allows mum the freedom to continue her normal daily routines, at the same time as holding her baby close and making the most of those fleeting newborn moments that we all cherish!

So, in honor of mother’s day and all the babywearing mamas out there, here are our top 5 benefits of babywearing!

  1. Hands free convenience By wearing your baby around the house and on your adventures together, you’ll have both hands free! Perfect excuse to head out to café and enjoy that much needed coffee (and a sneaky slice of cake), go for a hike, a walk on the beach all while cuddling bub!
  2. Increased Bonding Through baby wearing you are able to make the most of every moment with your newborn! The closeness and positive touch between the two of you relaxes and connects you both.
  3. Easy access breastfeeding Babywearing allows constant and easy access to their main food source, mum’s boobs! Feeding on demand reduces the risk of mastitis and minimizes the energy baby wastes hunger crying, meaning there is more left over to enjoy cuddles together.
  4. Fitness Wearing your baby is a fantastic way to get out and get active, whether it be a light walk with the family dog or a mountain hike together… as long as you have a baby attached to you, you are participating in weight bearing, aerobic exercise!
  5. Babywearing is fun! It’s a big world and your heart will flutter as you watch bub’s eyes light up face as they react to all the wonders around them. Wearing a carrier allows you to talk to baby and gives you the ability to explore the world together- heart to heart and connected as one!

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