Baby Carriers Give Freedom to your Whole Family

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My bubs needs a sleep in the mornings and instead of staying home for this and occupying my 3 year old while we wait for him to wake, I put bubs on my back in one of our Baby Carriers and my 3 year old on his bike and we get going.  It gives me the freedom to assist my boy over gutters, across the road safely to get to our beautiful bike paths along the beach in the Redcliffe peninsula, QLD.  Bubs enjoys the ride for the first few minutes and then he is usually asleep, I place the sleeping hood over his head to protect him from the sun and he is happy. (If you are ever worried about bubs sleeping on your back you could always use Rear-view Retractable Mirror to check on them). 

Best of all I get to exercise with an extra 9kg on my back, my 3 year old gets to release his endless energy and enjoy a bike ride, bubs gets to sleep close to me,  all up it is a win for me and the kids.  So I encourage you to place bubs in your baby carrier, get on your walking shoes, put some sunscreen and hat on, your other children on their bikes or scooters and explore your local area.  Baby Carriers are great for the whole family as it gives you freedom to carry on doing activities with your other children, get fit, healthy and happy.

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